Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Embroidered Tulles

Beautiful fine embroidered tulles, for all sizes of dolls, and dolls house projects.
Please note that all these tulles are now in very short supply.
While I will try to keep the page bang up to date sometimes it is not possible and so the one you order may already be gone.
Please consider noting an alternative colour/design on your order.

This set are a bit of a mixture, as most are shiny viscose embroidery on a cotton tulle, but a few are all cotton.
Mostly available in white or ivory as indicated.

ET1 - (All cotton in Iv/E/Bk & peach - NO WHITE LEFT) - £1.55/m
ET3W (All cotton in white)- £4.65/m
ETN3W - white only (nylon/viscose) - £3.50/m
ET2W/Iv - (All cotton in white or ivory only) - £2.95/m
ET1867Iv - IVORY ONLY (nylon/viscose) - £1.95/m

ET2457W - white only - 60p/m

All Cotton
ET500Iv - ivory - 95p/m

Pale ivory viscose embroidery on nylon tulle
ET5002Iv - ivory only - 95p/m

All Cotton
ET5004Iv - ivory only - 95p/m

All Cotton

Bow design Embroidered Tulle has shiny viscose embroidery on a cotton tulle,
available in white, ivory or ecru as indicated by the W, Iv & E after each code number.

ET2513W/E (only White or Ecru - NO IVORY LEFT) - £2.35/m

approx 2cm (3/4") wide
ET2514W/Iv/E - £3.50/m

approx 5cm (2") wide


approx 9cm (3.5") wide

This matching set of Embroidered Tulle has shiny viscose embroidery on a nylon tulle, making it a bit cheaper than the cotton ones
The set is available in white, ivory or black as indicated by the W,Iv & Bk after each code number. It is also suitable for dyeing to match your projects

ET48W/Iv/Bk - £1.15/m
approx 13mm (1/2") wide
ET49W/Iv/Bk - £1.40/m
approx 2.5cm (1") wide
ET50W/Iv/Bk - £1.95/m
approx 4.5cm (1.75") wide
ET52W/Iv/Bk - £3.15/m
approx 11.5cm (4.5") wide
ET51Bk- BLACK ONLY - £2.30/m
approx 7cm (2.75") wide
Matching all over lace available in White or Ivory only (no black).
approx. 102cm (40") wide, with no scalloped edges.
per metre
per 1/2 metre
per 1/4 metre strip

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