Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Cotton Laces (new)

A selection of narrow, fine cotton laces.
Most are no longer 100% cotton, but contain 97% Cotton and 3% Nylon or Polyester.

Please note on all our laces, that the letters after the number in the code refer to the colour of the lace
E.G. W = White, Iv = Ivory, Cr = Cream, E = Ecru (dark cream).

This first table are all very fine French Cotton laces
CL2/224W - White only - £1.35/m

9mm wide
CL2/4741Iv - Ivory only - £1.35/m

10mm wide
CL2/301W - £1.35/m

8mm wide
CL2/850W - £1.35/m

8mm wide
CL2/4219W - £1.35/m

8mm wide
CL2/3147W/Iv - White or Ivory - £1.35/m

9mm wide
CL1201W - £1.00/m

7mm wide
CL1202W - £1.00/m

7mm wide
CL2/802W - White only - £2.15/m

Currently manufactured Cotton lace
New cotton lace - CL319W/Iv/E - White, Ivory or Ecru - £1.55/m

Made to look like old-fashioned bobbin lace.
approx. 15mm wide
CL289W/Iv/E - White, Ivory or Ecru - £1.25/m

a tiny 9mm wide
CL2/01Be - Beige only - £1.25/m

17mm wide
CL196W/Iv - White or Ivory - £1.20/m

35mm wide
CL278W/Iv/E - White, Ivory or Ecru - £1.95/m

38mm wide
CL301W/Iv - White or Ivory - £2.95/m

70mm wide

More modern cotton laces. Around 97% Cotton and 3% Nylon or Polyester
New design in our cotton lace range.
CL203 is 3.5cm wide and available in White, Ivory, Ecru, Black and an amazing Turquoise.
CL203T - Turquoise - only £1.00/m
CL203W/Iv/E - in White, Ivory or Ecru - £1.95/m
CL203BK - Black - £1.95/m
CL100W/Iv - White or Ivory - 95p/m
CL114E - Ecru - 95p/m
CL138W/Iv/E - 855p/m
CL135W/Iv/E - 95p/m
CL137W/Iv/E - £1.25/m
CL183W/E - White or Ecru - 95p/m
CL178Bk - Black - £1.35/m

Also available in white, ivory and ecru
CL217W/Bk - White or Black - £1.25/m
CL168W/Iv/E - 90p/m
CL184W/Iv/E - 90p/m
CL169W/Iv/E - 90p/m
CL185W/Iv/E - 90p/m
CL207W - £1.25/m
CL205W - £1.25/m
CL1138W/Iv - white or ivory - £1.15/m
CL2171W - 95p/m
CL208W/E - £1.25/m
CL193W/Iv/E - £2.25/m
CL224W/E - £1.50/m
CL182W/Iv/E/Bk - £2.25p/m
CL219W/E - £2.20/m

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