Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Bunka & Bunka Rug kits

A knitted silky embroidery cord, pull a thread and it unravels.
Perfect for Bunka rug and great for tiny dolls and fairies hair, trimming costumes and miniature upholstery (use it as it comes, or unravelled).
Shown as near to actual size as computers will allow - unless stated otherwise.

Best quality Japanese Bunka cord
We are now stocking what we believe to be the best quality bunka in the world

Order code:BB11 / colour number
Bunka is 26p per metre.     2 metre pack 50p     6 metre pack £1.20
22 - Off white
69 - Cream
13 - Dark cream
02 - Very pale pink
63 - Very pale blue
156 - Pale pink
157 - Rose pink
158 - Mid pink
221 - Bright pink
36 - Dark salmon
154 - Dusty pink
64 - Baby blue
214 - Pale blue
227 - Light denim blue
50 - Denim blue
232 - Mid blue
233 - Royal blue
151 - Very pale green
70 - Light green
199 - Green
204 - Dark green
09 - Emerald green
173 - Dark olive
162 - Beige
28 - Mushroom/beige
14 - Buff/pale gold
168 - Old gold
71 - Brown
107 - Dark brown
190 - Peach
35 - Orange
209 - Dark orange
159 - Rust
38 - Red
39 - Dark red
11 - Very pale lilac
73 - Pale lilac
187 - Lilac
76 - Purple
84 - Navy blue
160 - Pale sage green
61 - Yellow
228 - Light gold
229 - Gold
24 - Grey
Bunka is 26p per metre

2 metre pack 50p

6 metre pack £1.20
A note on using cheap alternatives
While cheap alternative bunka and lampshade fringing may cost less initially, you should be advised that you will not necessarily achieve the same superb quality results in your projects.
Little Trimmings rug kits will not have the same finish if brands are mixed or inferior quality bunka is used.

Bunka Rug Kits
1/12th scale bunka rug kits, contain all the materials you need to make your own rug.
These kits are easy to do, you simply unravel the bunka cord and glue down onto the backing.
All small rug kits are £2.95 each

** NEW ** To accompany the Panda theme we have 2 new bunka rugs,
one a child's cute 'Teddy' bear version and the other a realistic Panda version
Finished size is approx. 6cm by 10cm (2 3/8" x 4")
LTBRP14 Panda teddy
LTBRP15 Panda with bamboo

Cute little ducky rugs, designed to match one of our recent nursery cotton print fabrics.
Available in 2 different colourways to match cotton fabric CF172
LTBRP12 Pink
LTBRP13 Blue
Finished size is approx. 6cm by 10cm (2 3/8" x 4")

Little boy and girl, based on the popular sunbonnet design, available in 2 different colourways
LTBRP1 Primary colours
LTBRP2 Pastel colours
Finished size is approx. 63mm by 95mm (2.5" x 3.75")

LTBRP3 Scroll border
Cream background with 2 shades of contrasting colours
LTBRP3B pale blue and royal blue
LTBRP3G pale green and dark green
LTBRP3Pe peach and terracotta
LTBRP3Li Lilac and dusty pink
LTBRP3Wb Wine and black on old gold

LTBRP4Wi Victorian floral border
LTBRP8Wi Victorian floral hearth rug

LTBRP4Br Victorian floral border - brown
Finished size is approx. 65mm by 100mm (2.5" x 4")

Larger size rugs
Approximate size: 164mm x 106mm (6.5" x 4.25")
Kits for these are £6.95
LTBRP9B Persian blue
Shown approx. half size
LTBRP9R Persian red
Shown approx. half size
LTBRP10 Jacobean Floral
Shown approx. half size

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